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We believe that effective training must be relevant to the needs and experience of the participants and that good training must be interesting, enjoyable, challenging and practical. Our goal with each course is to facilitate the learning of participants by using skillful training methods and well-designed materials, among other techniques

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CyberMinds, Inc. is a leading IT Training & Consulting training organisation. We specialize in offline / In-Person training, onsite training, online training of various technologies and domains.


It is a basic principle of CyberMinds, Inc. that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity. At CyberMinds, we train people to be prepared so that they can handle real life situations. We strive to provide a better learning experience. The goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session, use what you learn and you will improve your performance and safety behaviour.

About US

CyberMinds, Inc. has a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading traning & Recruitement consultancies in the World.

CyberMinds, Inc. works with organizations to deliver practical and robust competency based training solutions. We have a diverse team of learning and development experts, all of whom meet our rigorous standards, and are proven experts in the area of training, people management and development. Our training offerings include modules across behavioural, functional and business competencies.

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